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How to get?

Paseo de Gracia 123, Local

08008 Barcelona

Direct door to the street

+34 690 971 656


L5 stop Diagonal


H8, 27, D40


18 min

Easy parking, blue zone and parking nearby. Beware of some taxi drivers who will try to take you to another location for a commission. Our local is never closed.

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Sants is one of the most active neighborhoods in the city where you will find endless plans both day and night. It has one of the best neighborhood parties in Barcelona where the different streets compete to have a more original and fun decoration. It is a perfect area for shopping where you will find all kinds of stores as well as the most delicious restaurants where you can try local products or take a trip to the world through the palate. If you want to enjoy the most wonderful secrets of the neighborhood, don't hesitate to go accompanied by the best escorts in Sants, they will be the icing on the cake for a more than perfect day.


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