Erotic Barcelona Massages

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Masion Close is also a massage center in Barcelona specialized in massages for adults. An exclusive place with luxurious facilities, with a team of professional masseurs and an exquisite and suggestive offer for all kinds of erotic massages for the client. An oasis of pleasure where you can escape the hectic pace of Barcelona. With the erotic massages offered by the masseurs at Maison Close, you will feel the most intense sensations and pleasures come out. Each massage is designed to satisfy the client and stimulate the 5 senses

The erotic masseuses of Maison Close

Our masseuses are based on a fusion of oriental techniques encompassed in tantra, a millennial oriental tradition that uses sexual desire for the purpose of achieving the well-being of the spirit. At Maison Close Barcelona we respect the body and offer the opportunity to experience a state of total relaxation and tranquility through sexual excitement and pleasure.

All this in an elegant, warm and luxurious environment where you can enjoy relaxation and sexuality in complete freedom, which makes us the best erotic massage center in Barcelona.

The masseurs at Maison Close express the eroticism in each and every one of the massages through exciting rituals, suggestive scents and relaxing music. His hands go over each part of the body with sensual and intense movements, without taboos or prejudices, in the most natural way their naked bodies slide smoothly while the sexual tension increases until reaching the ecstasy of pleasure.


Types of erotic massages at Maison Close

At Maison Close we have a wide range of erotic massages for adults, each one specially designed to awaken unique sensations: Sensual massages to start in tantra, 4 hands for experienced men, for daring women , mutual for the most active, or for couples looking for a different touch in their relationship. In our facilities we have a type of erotic experience for each client, our receptionist will receive them and will be in charge of recommending the massage and the masseuse that best suits your needs.


Our facilities in Barcelona

The contracted experiences are carried out in an elegant and relaxing environment with spacious private suites, decorated and prepared with all the comforts. It is also possible to request services from hotels, where the masseuse will travel with all the necessary materials for the contracted experience. It is always recommended to book in advance in order to guarantee and satisfy customer preferences. In the case of having any special request, it is essential to get in touch to be able to adapt the service.