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Paseo de Gracia 123, Local

08008 Barcelona

Direct door to the street

+34 690 971 656


R1, R4 or R3 with transfer to L5 stop Diagonal


M12 with transfer to 6, 33 or 34


30 min

Easy parking, blue zone and parking nearby. Beware of some taxi drivers who will try to take you to another location for a commission. Our store is never closed.

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Hospitalet is a dynamic and multicultural city that offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy throughout the day. With its interesting mix of history, culture and gastronomy, it is a fascinating destination to discover. You can start your day enjoying nature and the outdoors with a walk through the Can Rigal Park, which has green areas and trails for walking and exercising. Afterwards you can visit the city museum and discover its history through exhibitions that show from its origins to the present day. Exploring the old town is also a good plan, walking through the picturesque streets and discovering the charming urban atmosphere. And to end the morning, nothing better than a tapas tasting at the Collblanc Market with a escort Hospitalet to accompany you while you immerse yourself in the local gastronomy.

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