Masturbation where the penis is between the breasts of the escort. The escort moves her breasts to stimulate the penis to orgasm.

Titfuck is a type of masturbation where the woman uses her breasts to stimulate the man. The man places his erect penis between the breasts of the woman and she makes pleasurable and sensual movements with the breasts and nipples to get a higher stimulation.

The ideal for the practice of a titfuck is that the woman has big breasts. Performing a titfuck is more comfortable for escorts with big breasts than for escorts who have smaller breasts.

This practice has different variants; it can end with the ejaculation of the man over the breasts of the escort, it can be used as a foreplay or be combined with other services like erotic massages. In the case that the woman uses her mouth and breasts at the same time to stimulate the man and makes a titfuck and a blowjob at once, the titfuck will change its name to become a "titfuck blowjob". This service is one of the most complete and pleasurable because it joins masturbation and oral sex techniques.