Swingers Barcelona, ​​a new input in relationships

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Like everything, sex can also become monotonous in stable couple relationships. When this happens, you have to find new stimuli to rekindle that flame that seems to be slowly fading. The formulas to achieve this are many and as varied as people's preferences. The only relevant thing is that both members of the couple agree and act according to agreed rules that are unbreakable.

Swingers are liberal couples who have reached a point in their sex life that either introduce stimuli or everything goes to waste.

How to exploit your condition of Swinger Barcelona?

If you have reached this point in your life as a couple you should know that the first and most important thing is to establish those rules that are sacred and cannot be betrayed. Being a Swinger Barcelona does not mean that everything goes. The important thing is to be clear about how far you are willing to go and what you are not allowed to do. Because that is the only way for sexual freedom to flow without negatively influencing life as a couple.

It is important to remember that couples who come to this formula in their life is not because they do not love each other but simply because something is wrong in their sex life. Usually it is that the monotony has taken over them and there is no passion in bed anymore.

Liberal couples find morbid in seeing their respective maintain relationships with another person or sometimes it is simply letting an unknown third party enter their bed to enjoy the morbid that it produces. Partner swapping also has a place and is very frequent in swingers. Everything will depend on the limits that have been imposed and that will define how liberal each couple is.

Practice can be at home or in swingers clubs, places equipped for this type of relationship.

It can also be in a local specialized in paid sex where to hire the services of an escort to perform a threesome, a lesbian or whatever the fantasy provokes.


The Swingers Barcelona also pay to have satisfactory sex There

are many couples who have become fond of going to whorehouses to have sex with an escort and not go to the swingers clubs.

At Maison Close Barcelona there are already manycouples swinger who have visited us to pay a little fun with one of the escorts that can be found there.

Many of our girls are very open and love to have sex with women while their partner watches the scene and masturbates. Sometimes the trio formula is as requested and the three interact in the privacy of the rented room.

The choice of the escort can be only by the boy or the girl but normally, both of them think and decide together if they want her with more breast, with more ass or if what they are looking for is sex with a girl of a certain nationality. In most cases they already come with a clear idea of ​​what they are looking for, although other times, they are advised by the receptionists of the premises.

The services they request are usually very varied and although what is predominant is the trio, many times what they are looking for is a very specific service that has not had a place within the relationship due to taboos or impossibilities. Sometimes a man simply needs to have anal sex with a woman, and the partner who has not been able to offer it to them participates in witnessing that sexual relationship with another woman.


As I said, the formulas are very varied and in the end, this consensual sexual freedom the only thing that fosters is trust in many relationships destined to break up or infidelity. It is the way to save them and to live them with an intensity that has not been felt for a long time and that we do not deceive ourselves, sex is very important and the flame to keep it alive and enjoy it in all its splendor, must be taken care of every day. Because monotony lurks and unfortunately, it is the most common cause of breakup among couples. Some dare to propose solutions and others, however, prefer to let them die or resort to "eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel".