Some women can ejaculate in the same way than men during orgasm. The name of this technique is "squirting" and it's highly exciting.

Squirting is a sexual practice that refers to the action of secreting vaginal fluids during the sexual intercourse. It's also known as female ejaculation and, the same as in male ejaculation, it also occurs during the moment of maximum excitement or orgasm.

The definition of squirting has to do something with a propulsion squirt of liquid. Something really appropriated, given the fact that it's literally what it means. It consists of using sensual and sexual techniques to stimulate the woman so much she can't help ejaculating.

There are different types of female orgasms that don't include the expulsion of vaginal fluids, that's why this orgasm is special. It isn't scientifically proven yet, but it's suspected to be the most pleasurable one of all the orgasms known.

This practice has been considered a taboo for years. That's the reason why we don't know many curiosities about squirting yet. This is the right moment to combat prejudices and enjoy squirting at its maximum glory with the most attractive professionals.

Not all women are able to reach squirting, that's why the escorts who know best the technique are so requested.