The escort kisses a man who has previously ejaculated in her mouth, in this way, they exchange the sperm of the man from mouth to mouth.

Snowballing is the sexual service in which the man ejaculates in the mouth of the woman and she shares with him his semen through a kiss. It's a very intimate and erotic service that shows a great complicity between the man and the professional. The practice of snowballing goes hand in hand with services such as fellatio, masturbation and french kissing.

This very intimate service produces great pleasure, due to the kinkiness it arouses and because it takes place after the men's ejaculation which increases the pleasure to an extreme degree. The kisses between the woman and the man always increase the complicity and closeness and, in this case, the exchange of the man's semen make the contact even more intimate.

As with every service, this service is also subject to the willingness of the escort, all the games and sexual services are enjoyed with the consent of both parts. Our escort girls are not obliged to do any service they do not wish to practice. Therefore, when they practice it it's because they enjoy it and they participate pleasurably in the sexual exchange. Snowballing is one of those special services that include the exchange of fluids and, therefore, it's highly erotic.