Greek or anal sex

Anal sex is much more intense than vaginal sex and is performed introducing the penis in the anus of another person.

It's known as Greek or anal sex the sexual practice that is performed by introducing the penis or a dildo of similar size and texture as the penis in the anus of another person. The best way to get a pleasurable experience is relaxing, being ready to break your taboos and daring to try new things.

The ideal is to find a professional expert in anal sex to unveil all the secrets of Greek. Anal penetration is more intense than vaginal because the anus isn't as flexible as the vagina and doesn't secrete fluids naturally. Therefore, it's advisable to proceed carefully and delicately. You'd better explore the area, touch, caress and massage with a good lube before introducing the penis to get the maximum pleasure and avoid injuries or irritation.

Anal sex is only suitable to daring people without complexes who want to take sex one step further than vanilla sex. Not all escorts dare to practice Greek, that's why those who enjoy practicing anal sex are the most requested and desired.