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In the mobilization of women for gender equality lies the starting point of what we now consider girls bcn. The female gender changes radically and the stereotypes and roles that had haunted her from the beginning are left behind.

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The world of girls is a great unknown for most men. Everyone wants to know what they are talking about when they get together with their friends and often complain about not understanding them. Throughout history, women have been considered a symbol of reproduction and with procreation they managed to maintain the survival of individuals and of society itself. 

In prehistory they were the ones who did simple tasks like picking vegetables while men went out to do harder jobs like hunting or fishing. During the Middle Ages female behaviors were ruled for each moment of life and the age of women was always associated with the different civil states (girlfriend, fiancée, married and widow) which in turn was related in all cases to sex male. Already in the modern age, for men it was a symbol of wealth and prestige, not only being married and having a family, but also being able to free wives from paid work. 

The mobilization of feminist women for gender equality began in the 19th century. Therein lies the starting point of what we now consider girls bcn. The female gender changes radically and the stereotypes and roles that had haunted her since the beginning of her existence are left behind. The universal declaration of human rights is established, which in its article one stresses that all human beings are born equal and free. And derived from that article, the legal good of sexual freedom is developed. 


Girls bcn… what's so special about them?

According to data from the same year, the world population is divided between 50.5% male and 49.5% female. If we refer to the Spanish population, we are especially interested in that 36% of the inhabitants are in the age group between 18 and 40, so the statistics tell us that there are a good number of men and women of an age to enjoy top of your sexuality. 

In this plane we can define the escorts as adult women who, in full exercise of their faculties and without coercion of any kind, offer services sexual. The legal situation of prostitution varies greatly depending on each country, and in many of them it is not considered a crime, but the behaviors that are adopted on this topic (especially the mafias) such as pimping, human trafficking, violence, coercion … Yes they are. 

The girls bcn that we are going to refer to are professionals who use their sexuality with absolute freedom. They tend to be young, beautiful girls, a high percentage of foreigners and contrary to what many people think, most tend to have studies. They all have in common the gift of people and their youth makes them fun, outgoing and very mischievous. They love to take care of themselves and are experts in pleasing the most intimate desires of both men and women.


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