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Maison Close is the best escort agency in Barcelona, ​​of course. Many times these things are said for pure marketing, only to sell more, but we can show you with facts that when we say it, we really mean it. At Maison Close we offer you the most professional escorts in Barcelona, ​​capable of offering the most pleasant services to their clients in an environment of refined and discreet taste. You only have one way to experience it in the first person: choose the escort that most excites you, make an appointment and enjoy: you will want to repeat.

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Maison Close is a space where you can give shape to your most secret sexual dreams. Within the walls of this escort agency in Barcelona you can find the tranquility, discretion and sensuality that an environment for this type of activities requires. As soon as you set foot in our store you will realize that you have not been to any of the same before. They emphasize the tranquility of the space, the exquisite and elegant decoration and the ritual to sensuality sculpted in the bodies of the girls who collaborate with our dating agency.

Let yourself be seduced by our proposals and discover a place from which you will never want to escape.


What makes Maison Close the best escort agency in Barcelona?

What characterizes Maison Close is its unequaled space, an idyllic setting made for sin and discretion. From the moment you walk through the door you are intoxicated by a stimulating sensation that is difficult to explain in words. We do not know if it is the magnetism of its luxurious and fully equipped rooms or the encounter with the luxury whores Barcelona that you will find in its corridors, but it is a sensation that you cannot miss and that only this escort agency can offer you.

The girls who collaborate with Maison Close will be the reason why you stay and want to repeat again. We know that to satisfy the most demanding clients we must be up to the task, so that we have perfected our services thinking only of your pleasure. This can only be done by an escort agency like ours thanks to the fact that the girls who work with us are seductive, sexy and professional. Do not you believe it? Keep reading.

We know how to combine like no other the most luxurious pleasure with the strictest privacy. Only in this way do we get our clients to relax and enjoy themselves in the hands of our specialists. To give you an idea of ​​their skills, we leave you a brief list of what they are capable of doing. If with this you already get hot it means that you should contact our agency right now!

  • Natural French or oral sex
  • Deep Throat
  • Anal Sex or Greek
  • Facefucking
  • Squirting
  • Vaginal Fisting
  • Golden Rain
  • White Kiss
  • Black kiss
  • BDSM Loves 
  • Submissive BDSM

If it is your first time using the website of an escort agency, the operation is very simple. To find the right companion to make your most hidden fantasies come true, go to the directory. In it you can find a wide range of girls of all nationalities, heights, ages and breast sizes. Do you have in mind what you want? The sexiest, friendliest and most morbid girls are in our store. Do you want to spend an entertaining time with one of the most sensual college escorts? Or do you prefer the experience of mature whores? Perhaps a spectacular Russian in Barcelona? Any type of premise will have your answer in our directory: only in this way have we managed to be the leading escort agency in Barcelona.

Also, if you want to know more about the girls, you just have to open the file from the directory. Access to an assortment of information such as your nationality, sizes, age, services it offers and a photographic report that perhaps helps you decide better ... In addition, you can always check which of them are open to accompany you to a specific event, party or make departures to home or hotel. Decide on the girl who best fits your preferences and get ready to spend a magical night together.


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are many types of clients who come to Maison Close to enjoy the company of the best luxury escorts in Barcelona because they know that this escort agency is going to make them enjoy like never before.

We understand that the space is more than suggestive to enjoy aencounter most sensual with one of the girls, but there are always more reserved people who prefer to make their intimacy a temple and use the service of luxury whores at home that we offer from our luxury escort agency in Barcelona.

Enjoy an intimate gathering where the pleasures are intensified by being surrounded by the comfort of your own home or your favorite hotel. Finding the limits of pleasure is not incompatible with any location, although we like to recommend living the experience with one of the luxury whores among one of the luxurious rooms we have at Maison Close.