Erotic shower

During the erotic shower, the escort and her lover soap sensually giving way to foreplay games which happen before the rest of services.

The erotic shower will almost certainly be the first service you enjoy when you are alone with a woman in the room. She will wait for you in the shower naked or hold your hand to invite you to have the first contact and get to know you a little better before starting the actual sexual relationship.

During the erotic shower, the escort will use her womanly weapons to excite the man with caresses, rubs, whispers and even kisses. It is the perfect time to get to know each other better by using your bodies and your hands, touching, soaping and massaging each other's bodies.

Share an erotic shower with a beautiful girl

The luxurious rooms of Maison Close are the right place for this type of activity. Its designer shower will remind you that it is not only in bed that sexual fantasies can be fulfilled. Join an intimate atmosphere where the love of water welcomes your naked body, the pressure of hot water and possible kisses, as wet as the environment, will make the temperature rise gradually.

All the elements of the erotic shower will contribute to increase eroticism and sensuality: hot water, soap, caresses and rubbing in the erogenous zones. The fact of being two naked people in such a reduced space will also be an invitation to touch and, in short, to eroticism.

Although it may seem a rather basic service, it is the perfect way to both start and end sexual practice. Starting with an erotic shower is the best way to break the ice, leave the shame out and take a pleasure bath with a luxurious companion. And, if it's after you've had the encounter, it will be like the icing on the cake to end a fiery encounter in an intimate and relaxing way.

Come to Maison Close and discover the multiple possibilities that the most relaxing erotic shower in Barcelona can offer you.