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what is water sports? 3 tips of interest

What is Water Sports? 3 tips of interest
Knowing what certain things in sex sometimes seem implausible. In this post we tell you more about water sports.

There are many types of sexual practices that are increasingly popular in a wide range. There are some more curious than others, and more extreme than others, because finding the maximum of pleasure is sometimes somewhat complicated.

Not everyone is willing to do certain things in their intimate relationships, but others do. It is from here where paraphilia and fetishes appear.

In this article we are going to talk about Water Sports. And you will ask, what is that? Well, pay attention that there we go.

What is water sports?

If you hear these words alone and the first thing that comes to mind are water sports such as water polo, but in sex it is not like that.

The water sport is a fetish and / or sexual paraphilia that focuses on the excitement of a person due to body fluids, mainly urine, but we cannot forget others such as saliva, genital or blood flows among others.

These types of practices are not very popular, or at least, not everyone likes to do it, and that is why they are very peculiar situations in which the luxury escorts are with their clients.

As such there is no explicit service, but there are other types of practices that have, intrinsically, the expulsion of fluids and bodily secretions.

CIM (Cum In Mouth)

This is one of the services that more than one man has to put very, very horny, because the sucking, licking and penis meals are something incredible for them.

We speak of CIM, because it is in this type of service, in which the man can ejaculate in the mouth of the escort and feel the maximum of sexual pleasure through an orgasm.

Golden shower

That you get pissed or defecated, and feel excitement, in oneself is something a bit difficult to understand. This type of practice is the most common of all in a luxury escort service, which can also be known as urolagnia.

This practice requires great control, and also submission to the other party because it is very difficult to practice, but for those who excite is something incredible. There are variants that also involve the expulsion of urine and the other part is excited as:

  • Wet clothes with urine.
  • Smell of urine.
  • See how they urinate.
  • Others.


When we talk about this terminology, it's about female ejaculation, similar to what a man can experience.

This type of services is done through the stimulation of the G-spot of the woman, and in which she arrives at the nirvana of her pleasure, being a totally different orgasm, as well as who causes it by receiving vaginal fluids to satisfy her fetish.