The debate about distinguishing between street prostitution, agency escorts or merely an independent whore is still open. It is true that each one has its differences, but it is also true that they are all in the same sector.

Fucking, having sex or finding company is the main goal of the people who contact these girls in order to satisfy their sexual needs and find the pleasure they want and are looking for.

In this post we are going to show you the differences between these three types of prostitutes.

Street prostitution

These are the whores that you normally find on the street: those who seek customers on the corner and who stop cars in order to offer their services.

The combination between price and quality is not usually very good because they are in very precarious situations to be able to develop the activity of sex.

They assume many risks, and have no guarantees of any kind, and that is why they are the ones that have a more complex situation.

Anyway, if you want to take a quick powder and that you get a good price are the right ones for it.

Escort agencies

These are the escorts that have the best working conditions considered. The quality of services for clients is much higher compared to those offered by street prostitutes, because the dedication, care and attention that the client receives is what prevails in their services.

But let's face it. They are helpful to some extent, because everything is paid, and if you want something more special we recommend that you offer the same thing they give.

Independent escorts

These are the ones that have the best position, because they work just for themselves and enjoy 100% of their sexual relations.

The relationship between price and quality is the most adjusted and that is the reason why many people contact them to enjoy the pleasure and get good orgasms.

Being one or another of these prostitutes does not mean that it is better or worse, because each one does what is most convenient and beneficial for their interests and needs.