If you are one of those men who enjoy watching a woman enjoy there are certain things you should know. To achieve female orgasm you need sweetness but, above all, know where your sensitive points are. Achieving it has nothing to do with the size of the penis, although everything is a matter of taste. But whatever size you have, the key is in the foreplay of excitement, the so-called preliminaries, and in knowing where to focus. It also helps to understand what sexual postures offer a greater chance of success. Here are some ideas

Heat the environment

Women need physical and emotional stimulation to be able to get excited, lubricate and be ready for an orgasm. Therefore, man must mentally stimulate him first. A note of love, candles, pleasant music or some flowers, create that ideal sensual environment to give a mental predisposition to enjoyment.

Kiss from the feet to the head, going through the neck, back, groin or thighs. It is essential to keep in mind that the woman's body is as extensive as her skin, we should not focus only on the triangle of the Bermuda hurriedly. Wet kisses very salty, small and tender or voracious, everything adds up and the variety is a plus.

Gently caressing the whole body, hugging, light tickling, holding her hand, even a gentle massage, can do wonders to put that special woman in tune. And do not forget to whisper in her ear while you do it, the woman tends to be more verbal and will love to hear how much you like to be with her, give her confidence and help her to open up more.

Sensitive points

There are two places in the female body that are especially sensitive when it comes to reaching orgasm.

The clitoris is that small organ that has a high concentration of nerve endings and is located near the top of the vagina. Licking or sucking produces a very intense pleasure, but it must be done gently so as not to overstimulate it at once. The clitoris is covered by a thin skin hood that is pulled back when it is excited. When excited, the clitoris becomes slightly erect. Yes, women also "get hard."

The point G is located inside the vagina. It is a bundle of nerve endings a few centimeters from the pubic bone on the upper interior wall of the vagina. To find it you have to introduce a finger gently into the vagina with the palm of the hand up and bend the finger as when you say "baby come here". With point G you also have to regulate the intensity with which you stimulate and see the different reactions of the woman depending on the pressure you apply to point G. Remember that every woman is a world and what you want is to know intimately to that concrete woman not to have a fixed modus operandi.

Postures for women

We will start by saying that the missionary's is not exactly one of the favorites for the woman. This is because the best positions for female orgasm are those in which the clitoris or the G-spot is stimulated to the maximum, or both.

The woman on top is one of the postures that offers more stimulation of point G, given the angle of the penis. In this position, in addition, the woman is free to move to her liking and with the intensity that produces greater pleasure, in other words, she has control and that in the female orgasm is very good. Put aside the competition for the position of captain and encourage her to have fun, you will win.

Entering the vagina from behind does not stimulate the clitoris but offers deep penetration and stimulates the G-spot. And you can always use your fingers to gently rub the clitoris while practicing this position and thus cover the two fronts.

So far a few strokes of the female orgasm. An orgasm that, sometimes, can be accompanied by ejaculation. Yes, you heard correctly, female ejaculation also exists, although it is less known than male ejaculation. There are women who can produce it at will through various techniques. Some of the most expert escorts do it, you only have to consult the list of services of the clients of a local escort like Maison Close to discover who can surprise you with a squirting, that special service.

If you practice with these keys that we have given you, it will be you who surprises the woman you choose, leading her to orgasm and even to ejaculation. Do you dare to try?