Next February 25 will kick off the annual celebration of one of the most important events, both nationally and internationally for the world of technology.

The Mobile World Congress is the perfect opportunity to bring together a large number of business executives from many different countries around the world. During the day they spend long and intense hours in the venues of the event, and at night their activity is transformed.

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The girls

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How to spend your free time at Maison Close

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How to get

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Aspects to consider

Once the day is over at the Mobile World Congress, you are looking forward to those more enjoyable moments of leisure, and never better.

The best idea to get around Barcelona is the taxi. The taxi ... here is where you have to be cautious, because many of them are commission agents, that is, they receive commissions from other places, competition of Maison Close, so that the people they pick up go there instead of the destination they want. as our center.

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In short, this February Barcelona hosts one of the most important congresses in the world, and its assistants must have the opportunity to relax in places like Maison Close. If you have any kind of question you can contact through the form or by calling 933659232.