At Maison Close, we are concerned about protecting our employees, clients and customers from any type of coronavirus infection.

We understand that due to the great social upheaval and turmoil that has been caused around the virus, many questions arise regarding the activity of relating to escorts. For this reason, at Maison Close we have decided to follow the rules of prevention proposed by the center of alerts and health emergencies.

In this way, our premises have become the first club to take hygienic-sanitary prevention measures such as the purchase of antiseptic soaps or laser thermometers - which take the measure without the need for contact between people. This series of measures, together with the cleanliness of the premises and the care taken by the escorts who collaborate in Maison Close, provide us with an environment that is conducive to and safe for a carefree sexual encounter.

Apart from the measures taken, at Maison Close we are concerned about all the advances and news related to the COVID-19 virus. We actively follow up on any communication from the National Health System or, in this case, from the health alert and emergency centre. Our goal is to ensure the best experience for our customers and ensure their safety, as well as that of our customers and workers on the premises. Even so, at Maison Close we understand that this is a sensitive issue, which is why we openly invite anyone who has questions about the subject to call our facilities and speak to our receptionists so that they can clear up any doubts.

Don't let the social turmoil make you rethink your habits and come to Maison Close in a totally safe way, the best sexual experiences of your life are here.