Practices the missionary, the doggy-style or the cowboy is something that can fall into everyday life and be more common than it seems.

These postures are very good to know that it is the pleasure that you can process safely, and have fun, but you can do other things to enjoy it and know what to do in more special cases, or discover new sexual tastes.

In this post we are going to give you some details about how to make a good sexual role change session. So let yourself be carried away by the creativity of your imagination and enjoy sex, being another person.

The most interesting role changes

There are many fetishes and paraphilia that can cause excitement, but this post is not about that. It's about how to play another character to create a different erotic situation and be able to fuck in an alternative way as well.

Mr. Police

Capturing bad girls, or fighting evil is something that a policeman has in their genes, but wearing uniform is something that comes with the topicazo, and the sexual role-changing session that you can ride with a luxury escort in Barcelona.

Grey style

The films of 50 shades of Gray have left a big mark in the sector, and especially in the sex, but How to be Christian Gray? Put on a suit, pose as a great tycoon, with a lot of money, and go with the luxury escort in Barcelona with more class and style and then embed it and make all kinds of guards while you eat or in the same bed, but yes, Do not forget the objects in the red room.

Firefighter to put out the fire

From burning fire and warm blood ... Impersonating firefighter and saving someone who is in distress, in a very hot situation provocative for sex is ideal. This is one of the great topicazos in which you can set to change the sexual role and be someone, very much desired.

Being another person, sexually speaking, can be very attractive for the moment, but if someone else accompanies you, it can be perfect. And if you want to find more information on where to be with one of them, you can contact us at 933659232 or at and find out more about our luxury hotel rooms in Barcelona.