Brazilian 19 years
  • Height 160 cm
  • Weight 70 kg
  • Measures 120-75-80
  • Languages Spanish, English, Portuguese

Young luxury escort in Barcelona, very sweet and sensual

Hi love! My name is Giovanna and I am a young luxury escort in Barcelona looking for fun, new adventures and amazing experiences. I love this city and I want to take advantage of every second to collect unforgettable memories that make me enjoy my youth to the fullest. Do you want to join me in this search for fun? I am a very sweet and affectionate Brazilian girl , I love to conquer men with my bright and playful smile and with my deep eyes. I have an angelic and innocent beauty but as soon as you meet me you will see that I am a complete kitten with the desire to misbehave... What are you waiting for to give me a little call?

I am a young luxury escort with very clear ideas, as a good hot-blooded Latina I love adventure and flirting. I love to seduce the most interesting men with my long wild hair, with the irresistible sensuality of my body and the movement of my hips. But I can also be sophisticated and elegant, put on a formal dress and go to a high-end restaurant for a romantic dinner that you will never forget. I will be able to make you forget each and every one of your problems and worries and enjoy every bite while you lose yourself in the depth of my gaze. With me time flies and if you want to check it out, make a reservation and we will enjoy a magical moment.

You can find me at the Maison Close facilities, a place where you can forget about the outside world as soon as you cross the front door. Here privacy and discretion are valued and we can have a drink in privacy while we get to know each other. But I assure you that a single moment with this young escort will be enough for you to be completely hooked. Don't wait another second and come see me!


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